Sunday, 24 December 2017

Colour Palette // Capsule Wardrobe

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! A little light reading as I'm sure you've nothing better to do (?!) except perhaps a frantic last minute gift run or wrapping marathon? Anyway, over the last few months I've been pondering a capsule wardrobe which I figure will be especially helpful during pregnancy. I hope it will enable me to mix and match minimal pieces negating unnecessary spending on items which may not meet the long term needs of my changing shape. So here's how I'm getting on so far...

I've started with colour. There was a Seamwork Magazine article a while back regarding creating a personal colour palette using your own features as a base for finding complimentary tones.

It was a fairly long-winded (but oddly satisfying and fun!) process but using Adobe Colour CC I was able to pick out hair, eye and skin colours. I was surprised by how they look in flat colour, grey eyes in particular as I always thought them to be blue/green -though naturally the outcome will vary enormously depending upon the picture used and your screen settings.

Hair colour palette, SEWN sewing blog

Eye colour palette, SEWN sewing blog

Skin colour palette, SEWN sewing blog

Once you have these you can use the 'Colour Rule' drop down menu to find a host of co-coordinating shades which will in theory suit your own personal colouring. You can see the full deck of colours I was playing with in an Instagram post here.

I've whittled down the numerous options to what I hope to be a coherent collection below consisting of anthracite grey and french navy as my staples with blues, greys and blush pinks (an unusual one for me so I'm branching out!).

Capsule colour palette, SEWN sewing blog

I seem to have ended up embracing some of my own shades rather than picking opposing sides of the colour wheel but these also fit in quite nicely with existing pieces and fall in line with my understated tastes. I've been surveying my wardrobe and shopping my stash for fabric options and these are a few that have cropped up for starters.

Capsule wardrobe fabric options, SEWN sewing blog

Kaufman Carolina Gingham | Kaufman Laguna Heathered Jersey | Atelier Brunette Blossom Viscose
AGF Lagom Knit | Atelier Brunette Facet Modal | AGF Limestone Feel Voile
Aterlier Brunette Shine Batiste | Cloud9 Yarn Dyed Stripe | AGF Ashen Voile

I'll be back soon with another progress report, next time figuring out what kinds of outfits will fit both my lifestyle and garment preferences. In the meantime there are some great resources about if you're interested in trying something similar, Colette Patterns' 'Wardrobe Architect' series being the obvious comprehensive choice but Elena has some great posts over at Randomly Happy including a streamlined downloadable worksheet along with the #MakerCapsule hashtag which is definitely worth checking out.

Off to make the Christmas pud (Sticky toffee, naturally) see you on the other side!

x Happy Sewing, and a wonderful Christmas to you all!

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