Saturday, 14 April 2018

Handmade Baby Quilt // Home

Geometric Baby Quilt via SEWN Sewing Blog

Hi friends! I'm straying from the dressmaking path to share a few quick pictures of my latest finish plus a few thoughts on nursery plans. After agonising over fabric choices and pattern options I made this simple geometric quilt for my little girl who is due in May (which is now creeping up rather more quickly that I'd realised!).

Although I've made several before, this one is a quilt of firsts. First go at piecing equilateral triangles and first go at free motion quilting! I am beyond thrilled at how it's turned out and am so pleased I invested the time.

Geometric Baby Quilt via SEWN Sewing Blog

The fabric is almost entirely from my (enormous) stash, the bulk of which aquired during my time working at Make&Do. The main focal 'Cats' fabric is Dashwood Studio, a personal firm favourite yellow 'Architexture' by Carolyn Friedlander which I also used for binding, silver 'Netorious' by Cotton+Steel, and yellow geometric flower print by Windham Fabrics. The coral and grey AGF triangle print was a NEC Quilt Show bargain from Abakhan.

The coral and teal are the only top-up purchases from Wool Warehouse. They're Bella Solids by Moda in 'Seafoam' and 'Flamingo'. I feel I need to take a second out to tell you guys about their amazing customer service. I ordered some painstakingly chosen (but utterly wrong -you really can't rely on images!) Kona options and was really disappointed so they kindly offered to colour match on my behalf with a swatch I included with my return. Correspondence and delivery were so speedy, so double thumbs up! I'd never have thought of purchasing fabric from there but (with no sponsorship or affiliation whatsoever) needless to say from my first experience I'm impressed.

Geometric Baby Quilt via SEWN Sewing Blog

Geometric Baby Quilt via SEWN Sewing Blog

The piecing was really straightforward. I batch cut the triangles with the 60 degree lines on my standard omnigrid and pieced them in strips, alternately pressing the seam allowances for each row in the same fashion I would with squares. Changing the direction in this way enables the seam allowances to butt up against each other making for better accuracy with point matching.

I wanted the fabrics and piecing to take centre stage so opted for an all-over quilting motif and this free motion 'Baptist Fan' was actually less infuriating than I'd imagined. The learning curve was steep but it was so satisfying to see my stitch consistency improving with each row completed and I'm delighted with the overall look and texture.

I'd considered outsourcing the quilting but decided to splurge instead on a Westalee 'Circles on Quilts' ruler and foot from The Cotton Patch. The equipment was an investment for sure but for the price of having one professionally quilted I've been able to develop a new skill which I hope I'll continue to use on future projects. There's a demo video HERE on YouTube which I referenced to give you an idea of how it works.

Montessori Topponcino via SEWN Sewing Blog

I've been reading up on various parenting topics ahead of her grand arrival and the Montessori philosophy appeals and seems quite sensible to me. Whilst I can't imagine we'll blindly subscribe to all aspects, a few things that have chimed with us and which we'll be implementing from birth are the 'Topponcino' (above: a thin pliable mattress made with cotton batting providing consistency and security for the first few weeks after birth) and movement space.

This quilt in the first instance will be used as a playmat alongside a safe custom acrylic mirror from 'The Plastic Man' with polished edges and rounded corners. It's mounted at a low level to encourage movement and gross motor skills. There's further info via the blog 'How We Montessori' which I've found really inspiring if your interest is piqued. A few other blogs for good measure are 'The Kavanaugh Report' and 'Midwest Montessori'.

Montessori Movement Space via SEWN Sewing Blog

I cannot believe how quickly the time is passing. I'd hoped to get a few more garment posts up but alas, my cut and prepped Hemlock tee pieces have mysteriously vanished!! Here's hoping you'll still see a little more of me around these parts before things get rather hectic come May.

Ah well, off for afternoon tea with some sewing gems. Priorities, amirite?

x Happy sewing everyone!!


  1. What a lovely quilt, I’m sure it will be treasured for years to come! I really like the fabrics you used. I also love the spotty wall! It looks amazing. Hopefully you’ll find the mysterious hemlock pieces soon!

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