Thursday, 7 February 2019

Bjorn Bear Baby Quilt // Gifts

Wow, it's been a while huh? A very happy 2019 to you and welcome back to my tiny corner of the internet. Our little lady arrived 11 days overdue in May last year and the last 8 months have flown by in a blur!

I was of course aware that time and sleep would be in short supply, but what I hadn't anticipated was quite how mentally exhausting caring for an infant would be. I touched upon this subject and my frustration at simply not having much brainpower left for sewing in an Instagram post a few months back.

So I've taken a wee break from both making and blogging... But I'm back at the machine (...and boy, what a machine! more on that next time) and it feels SO GOOD to have something finished to share with you folks; A baby quilt made for my Bestie upon the arrival of her own precious little one.